Master of the Ghost Story M.R. James Finds Lost Graves

The Benedictine Abbots of Bury St. Edmunds, West Suffolk, discovered in 1902 by medievalist and ghost-story writer M.R. James. The graves had been lost since the dissolution of the monasteries under Henry VIII, but found after James came across a manuscript fragment in France and supervised the excavations.

They are (from front to rear) Edmund of Walpole (1248–1256), Henry of Rushbrooke (1235–1248), Richard of the Isle of Ely (1229–1234), Samson (1182–1211), and Ording (1148–1157).

In addition to being one of the most influential writers of weird tales, James was a scholar whose work on manuscripts and Biblical apocrypha is still cited today. An antiquarian finding a manuscript that leads him to dreadful secrets is a familiar motif in his stories.