The Jaw & Tongue of St. Anthony

St. Anthony of Padua was exhumed in 1263, 32 years after his death. At that time, his remains had completely decomposed with the curious exception of his tongue, which was taken as a sign of his gift for speaking and teaching about the word of God. Special reliquaries were crafted for his tongue and jaw, which are permanently housed in the Chapel of the Relics of Padua’s Basilica del Santo.

The tongue of St. Anthony
The jaw of St. Anthony

The Baroque chapel contains statues of St. Anthony, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Bonaventure, Faith, Humility, Penitence, and Charity. Relics are kept in three niches.

Sant'Antonio (Padua) - Cappella delle reliquie
Chapel of the Relics (jaw and tongue reliquaries in the center niche)

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