St. Cuthbert’s Incorruptible Lego Minifig

This may be the first incorruptible saint’s story told in Lego, so of course it’s Weird Catholic material.

Founded in the 11th century, Durham Cathedral in Durham England is one of the great monuments of medieval church architecture. It’s also the resting place of Sts. Cuthbert and Bede and the head of St. Oswald, as well as numerous other treasures. As part of a fundraising drive to build a permanent exhibition people donated $1 a brick to create a huge, roughly 6’x12′ replica of the cathedral out of 300,000 Legos.

The cathedral is promoting their new attractions with a series of videos tell its story and that of its saints, beginning with the life of St. Cuthbert, who was found to be intact when a new shrine was being built.

Some more Lego Church history from Durham, including the original shrine and the murder of the first bishop:

Part III includes the life of the monks, and … murder! Also, “the monks didn’t wear knickers.”

Part IV includes the rape of Durham by Henry VIII, including the destruction of the shrine of Cuthbert. Cuthbert’s remains survived, and were found still remarkably preserved.